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Personal growth or development and self-help, as concepts do not seem to hold "spirit" in what is truly involved in the close heart. Perhaps self-esteem that sentence is a bit softer in the tongue but still does not address the true essence required. Self-reliance and self-sufficiency are many to many people, but actually look at "quality of life" as an appealing measure to develop, measure and improve personal performance and awareness.

Happiness and Purpose

Now the quality of life, again, can be a lot for many. But let's just say that for those who sit in front of the screen reading this comment probably looks more about aspects of happiness and meaning of life rather than the quality or amount of food, clothes or shelter in our lives. Now you can ask what's up with Lucid Dreaming, well the answer is not quite yet, but please take me a little longer.

Wikipedia reflects happiness as follows:

"Happiness is a spiritual well-being characterized by positive emotions, ranging from fullness to great joy. A variety of biological, psychological, religious, and philosophical approaches have attempted to identify happiness and identify its origins . "

I would personally divide the word ritual with spiritual to translate without religion. Not everyone who follows certain spiritual religious traditions, but everyone certainly has spiritual needs and soul to give if they know it or not. This is true in the same way as a healthy body and mind is required if interested in longevity. Regardless of looking at any of these crime areas and its evolution, it is clear that the mind is the key to each.

If an expert is right and self-reliance suggests increased self-awareness and self-knowledge to develop strengths and talent, emphasis must be placed on the role of the mind more than the aforementioned. Of course, the scientist and experts in the brain point out that we only use 0.0001%, or is it 0.1% or it's 10% our brain (unfortunately, information is not my biggest strength, I've always wondered how they calculate this picture all the way). The point, taking into account our unexpected potential "pips", is unbelievable to consider how much happiness or pleasure we might possibly be able to cope with, only if we knew how.

Looking at meaning is easy to get absolutely lost in its importance when trying to understand the purpose of man's existence. Mankind has made this a complete theme for a thousand years. Let's say that most people agree that an individual who failed to understand the meaning of life or lacks his purpose sometimes in his life is in contact with a yacht who travels into the ocean without hiding. If the yacht was set in the center of the Indian Ocean, it will probably be fine for some time, but it's certainly not a sustainable approach.

Experts in most personal development methods or someone who is not sure about their purpose but actually tries to find answers will definitely reach a level as they realize that they have to practice thoughts and thoughts to guide them through this process. Again the mind is very prominent. You can wonder what does this have to do with Lucid Dreaming? Well, we are approaching this response but we are not yet yet.

As apparent as it sounds, if we all agree that the mind is the center of personal growth, we need to try to understand, even at the simplest level, how our mind works and how it can be used to develop life our. Let's face it, if you have an amazing tool but you do not know how it works, you will not go far.

Power of the Subconscious Mind

( I would highly recommend learning more about this in detail )

In a nutshell, we use our conscious mind to program our subconscious. Once consciously programmed in our subconscious mind, we automatically do these applications automatically without thinking about it. Regardless of whether they are good or bad. Suppose you are influenced as a young adolescent of your environment to think consciously that smoking is cold. You start smoking and become subconsciously programmed to "think" it is acceptable for you to smoke and continue for many years without "thinking" about it. While you keep on smoking, driven by your subconscious program, who "believes", it's nice to smoke, although we know consciously that it's not good for you.

How is it possible for us to continue doing something we know is bad for us? Why do our thoughts work like this? The answer lies in the design of our minds. Thinking consciously that something takes a lot more time, energy and work than thinking about something unconsciously. Our subconscious mind is not designed to think about content properly or to judge, it just works out on the basis of the program it is consciously adopted. This feature is key to survival, a lot of applications like "Keep Your Heartbeat Plan" and millions of others will overcome your conscious mind because they need to run constantly. Also, this feature serves to feed the learning process. When you learn something, you do not have to worry about it any longer.

Another very important design of our subconscious to be aware is the fact that our subconscious knows everything! Everything you have ever read, seen heard, experienced, etc. is stored somewhere deep inside. Yes, all of this knowledge is there and is available for you to access. Many experts who write books about the power of the subconscious talk about infinite intelligence of the subconscious. The spiritual mentals of experts also believe that the subconscious is the gate of common consciousness and to the devil's creator.

Now the question is, how does one repeat the subconscious mind to influence personal growth and how to access this amazing wisdom inside. The answers to this question can kick a new journey and, in my opinion, can highlight the purpose of one and the basis of personal growth.

Why is it so important to try to understand this? First, if you want to grow personally, regardless of what areas of your life are mental, physical (as in the quality you are sporting), emotionally, psychologically, change habits, learn new skills or cultivate talent and much more, you need to realize that if you want to change behavior or improve yourself, you need to figure out how to re-examine your subconscious mind with conscious work.

Secondly, although it's important to learn from our community and that you need to go out there and look for answers from experienced people, know that you have many answers available yourself, you just need to learn how you can approaching it. This includes longer life-cycle and awareness-training as you become aware of how you feel and what you always think and the fact that you really control this because it is how you are interested and that you are ultimately responsible for thoughts your feelings and feelings. You are what you think!

If you acknowledge and agree that you are one hundred percent responsible for your own thoughts and feelings (programmed in your subconscious mind) and that these thoughts and feelings really form your reality because you believe them to be true, you are capable to change your reality if you reset your subconscious mind with "new" thoughts and feelings according to the reality you want to create or the new position you want to grow into.

Lucid Dreaming

There are many "tools" that can be used for personal growth and awareness

  • meditation
  • personal
  • thought
  • self-study
  • clear dreaming
  • religious guidance
  • learning special opinions
  • treatment
  • training
  • experience
  • experience
  • experience
  • ] Spiritual Growth
  • [1 9659004] … all of which are worth exploring. The rest of this writing will look lucid dreaming (yes! In the end, good at you to do it here)

    The relationship between the subconscious mind and dream has been explored only recently. Sigmund Freud was probably the first to look at the role of the subconscious in dreams, exploring unconscious aspects that force our motivation. Imagine being able to get a clear picture of our subconscious mind and better understand how and what motivates us each and every one of our unique ways. You may find that there are unknown, your consciousness, factors that are really motivating you what you are trying to reach consciously. I also like to refer to them as spiritual blocks.

    A very frustrated smoker who tries to stop does not have to realize that he feels unconscious that it's nice to smoke and that's why he can not really get rid of consciousness. Not just because of physical addiction. If he realizes this, he has discovered a spiritual block, and if he also realizes how powerful the subconscious is, he can be more spiritually prepared to change these habits by working to let them go.

    Not sure if you know what lucid dream is and how to dream a dream but the ability to be a dream conscious while dreaming about the ability to manage your dreams is a magnificent gift than you could use to access the subconscious mind. Lucid Dreaming can also be used to assist you in restarting your needs.

    It may sound like a brave new way to it, but as Einstein said, "You can not solve problems from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world again." How are powerful problems who solve morality.

    Suppose you have a personal development goal to become a motivator but fear talking in front of people. Imagine that you can create a saved place where you can encourage yourself and practice role playing as much as you need to overcome this challenge. Similarly, lucid dreaming can give you the ability to cope with such fears.

    What if you need to change your feelings and thoughts about how to get humanity and need to cultivate a more positive opinion because you have become aware is to stay back in other areas of your life. You could create a new dragon queen, Nelson Mandela, and have an intimate discussion with him about how he was encouraged and driven to be so forgiving and perfect humanitarianism after all that was done to him.

    What if you could make

    • why do I get frustrated with my wife or children or
    • is something you think I should know about it
    • why do I get so unhappy or frustrated when I'm in a certain situation

    Remember that all your dreams are created by yourself so that all these methods are trying to learn more about yourself to help you figure out out what you need to change.

    This gift can be used in so many different ways. Your creative imagination is the only thing that will hold you back, but you can be more adept at dreaming to help you be creative …


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