Keys to Success, Parts 6 and 7

6. Self Improvement / Personal Growth

Simply do it. Think you do not have it or can not get yourself, do it, forget what you have done. Every very good person knows this is a necessary piece. Get a mailbox and keep every positive growth plan you can get your hands on and put it in your car. If you do nothing else, do this, join an app and take the step. I do not care if you have this system or another that works – but you have to put the program in action. So many listen to the information but never use what they learn. You must understand how you have done things that you received today. If what you are today is not where you want to be then you need to change how you approach things. All successful people participate in a continuous growth plan. They understand the need for growth, mentors and training. Do you have a mentor, personal coach or accounting company? Finding one, it will be one of the biggest things you'll ever do for you. Listen to the programs daily, read a positive uplifting book – at least 15 minutes a day, work on the visual views we talked about, keep your mind talking and think of positive thoughts. Believe and Behavior Like When You Have Success You Seek!

7. Perseverance

Perhaps I'm preaching in the choir, you must be rather persistent to do it so far! I've seen countless people trying so hard to get where they wanted to go and give up their thumbs from their goal. Never let it be you. Never, never, under any circumstances, no matter what, even considering throwing a towel. I'm not talking about cutting your loss of bad investment, I'm talking about your dreams, your ultimate goal. Stay something long enough to get good, keep on and you'll work. The opposite of success is not a flaw, it's a danger. Unfortunately we have become a nation quitters, we need more winners like you!


It's time for sowing and time to harvest, they have both periods. Your life today is the rest of what you sowed to this season. Our current life is always a reflection of what decisions we made and what actions we took. Therefore, I continue to encourage you to keep moving, to keep growing. If you are not in the place you want to be then you will need to change to get different results. You just can not continue doing the same things and expecting different results. I do not know why it took me so long to put this into practice. I read it, I was taught, I understand it, but I was very slow to put it into practice. and it kept me back for years. When I finally started dealing with this part of my life, everything started to change and I know it will be for you. It does not matter which system you use, as long as it works, but the secret is that you have to apply for it in your life. Do it daily, use it so deeply that it automatically happens as part of your life. We harvest the benefits of our habits, a great habit produces great results, weak practices produce bad results. Lack of self discipline is one of the biggest reasons why most people fail. Unfortunately, many people in this country regard themselves as negative, it's just the opposite. Learn to conquer it, and it's a great savior. Very simple, learn to learn the principles that people have and success will find you. True wealth is learning to master life at all levels, thus working on the whole movie, all of the self-esteem. The world needs people like you to continue and help those who are still in trouble. I could never be where I am if it was not for a few who managed to get their hands out and help me. I only pray that I could scare up some things inside you, thanks for allowing me a chance to spend some time and share a bit of myself.


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