Journaling for Personal Growth – Advantages of Keeping a Diary

Keeping a diary helps to crystallize your thoughts and give you insight. The simple act of writing your thoughts can help you understand what you feel and why you feel so. Journaling helps you get to know you better and can be a vehicle for personal growth.

Why Frequency

When writing, the mind automatically decreases. Writing your thoughts down helps you to become aware of what you are thinking and what is important to you.

Journaling helps to change your perspective. As you read and explain what you have written, it helps you step back and look at things differently.

Keeping a diary can lead to self-discovery because it helps you identify attitudes that hold you back and dreams you have put on hold.

Your magazine is a safe place to express your thoughts, feelings, ideas, and questions about life. There is somewhere that you can be a completely honest and safe place to explore your thoughts.

Journaling is an effective, powerful way to prevent your feelings. When the words are out of the head and on paper, you can look better. Expressing your thoughts will give them the form and meaning and help you identify what you need to work with.

Journaling helps you perceive your life. Writing it down leads to clarity because it helps you stop and notice what happens.

As time goes by, start seeing a new pattern and start seeing the bigger picture.

Write Your Journal For You

Write your calendar for you. Be honest with yourself. Let your thoughts flow. If you do, your diary will be a useful tool for your journey to personal growth.

"When I write my thoughts, they do not escape me. This action allows me to remember my strength … I experience myself in proportion to my thoughts." Isidore Ducasse

Tips for Using Your Personal Growth Magazine Keep it Simple

You do not need to buy a special calendar unless you want. You can use a cheap notebook or file or use your computer. There is no right or wrong way to a calendar. Feel free to diary your way; It does not have to be perfect only for the eyes.

Do not change as you write

Allow your thoughts to flow freely on the newspaper. Just write what comes to mind.

Focus on your thoughts and feelings

If you are struggling to get started, ask yourself questions like

=> How do I feel?

=> What do I want?

=> What can I learn from this?

=> How does God view this?

=> How did I make a difference today?

Review and compile your journal entries

Reading and reflecting what you wrote will help you see things from another perspective. A summary of calendar entries will lead to a new insight. When you begin to see patterns in your thoughts and opinions, ask yourself how you can use what you learn about yourself to improve your life.

Journaling leads to personal growth and discovery with written and reflection. If you have never had a bad calendar before, I encourage you to start today.


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