Ingredients for personal growth and development

Job growth and development is an individual responsibility. It is a continuous process that ends in death. It is indisputable that the fact is that development is not consistent with age. It is amazing that there are many who do not show signs of growth and development in their nature and behavior.

Let me share with you 12 ingredients for personal growth and development. I hope you find this material of great help for you. They are as follows:

1. Passion

Personal growth and development is a journey that has to begin with a passion within a person. Every great thing begins with desire or passion. You must develop a passion within you to grow and develop in the area of ​​your life.

2. Self-awareness

You start a passion and another thing you need to do is define areas in your life where you are strong and areas where you are ill.

The process of self-awareness requires that people close to you be honest with you in terms of giving you feedback about your strengths and weaknesses. Be honest with yourself and acknowledge that there are weaknesses in your life that need to be taken care of.

3. Commitment to Change

After you have identified strengths and weaknesses, you must undertake to change those weak spots. You must be ready to break the old bad practices you have developed over the years.

It's not easy to review the changes. The change is both painful and uncomfortable. It takes a commitment to change to take effect in our lives.

4. Vision

Many people are so wrong that they think it's only companies, companies, governments, leaders, and other organizations that need a vision. You must have a vision for yourself as a person. The vision will challenge and stretch you. It allows you to expand your horizons. You'll see beyond where you are now because of it.

Vision will encourage and encourage you to work hard to get where you are going. It will undergo you to overcome obstacles until you reach your goal.

Write down your view, look at it daily and you will continue to be inspired and motivated by it.

5. Objectives

The process of personal growth and development requires that you set goals for growth. Success in life comes because of clear goals. Set of goals will be a map for you to follow so that you can grow and develop.

When setting goals for growth, you need to make your goals clear, simple, measurable and achievable. Follow them through until you reach them.

6. Want to take risks

You are about to take risks if you want to grow and develop. For example, if the goal you set has to change your career, you must be prepared to stop learning something that you have never researched before.

Successful people have taken risks to be where they are today. Leading expert and author, Steven R. Covey, states: "The greatest risk of all is the risk of riskless living."

7. Personal Organization

Organized people have a sense of purpose and direction. If you want to grow and develop in all areas of life, you need to be organized. When you are organized you go along and work with confidence.

When you are organized, you set your priorities, you do your task one by one, you organize your day, week, month and year accordingly. Organized men expect unexpected interference in their lives and they take their stand when they come.

8. Good Relationship

The people closest to you determine growth and developmental levels. If you hold a companion of people who have normal flaws and doubts, you must become like them. It matters most of the people you associate with.

Connect with people who are effective and successful in their lives. Surround yourself with people who will increase your growth and development. Negative relationships lead to negative growth. Be careful who you connect with.

9. Listening

If you really want to experience growth and development, you need a good listener. Give people space to express themselves. When people share their ideas and opinions with you, listen to them. When they advise you on a particular issue, listen to them. Do not threaten people's recommendations and suggestions. They will help you in decision making.

10. Want to learn

Growth and development is possible when working on continuous education. Successful people do not stop gaining new skills. You must grow and develop when you commit to learning new things and gain more information and knowledge. Knowledge is power; It allows people to make informed decisions.

The process of personal growth and development requires you to spend a certain amount of money like spending good books and good ties. You must also be prepared to spend money on attending informative courses, seminars and conferences.

Do not be lazy to continue your studies. Sign up for other short courses so you can gain new skills. The learning process will definitely challenge and stretch you to growth and development.

11. Hire a mentor or coach

Hiring a mentor or coach that will help you set clear goals, identify strengths and weaknesses, is vital in personal growth and development. There are coaches who work to help people who need success in their lives. You can also have someone experience what you admire so much to guide you in personal growth and development assistance.

You can also get a coach or mentor in the form of buying and reading their books; buy, listen and watch his tapes.

12. Implementation

The most important factor in personal growth and development is being able to translate vision, goals and everything you have learned in action. You must add to your goals. Implementation is what makes it happen. You must be an activist if you want to grow and develop in your areas strengths and weaknesses.


Personal growth and development is a journey that requires energy and commitment. The 12 ingredients that I have provided to you need to be embroidered and nourishing and you will live a life that will enhance the value of others in life.

Merry personal growth and development!


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