How to speed reading

How to speed up reading is an important question that comes in the mind of a person who wants to read the books, scroll quickly and get the information exactly. The key to it is first to determine what information an individual wants. If you just want a summary summary of a story or article, they can read the book quickly and gradually only the necessary information. But if an individual wants to know the whole term in less time, there are a variety of reading methods, such as reducing decision time, recovery time, and increasing the number of words in each block.

Different Speed ​​Search Methods:

The answer to how to speed up reading can be achieved with the help of these methods:

  1. Decrease a certain period: This method coaches a person to read a whole block within a given time. An individual can assign a certain amount of time to read the passage and thus continue to reduce the time required to read the entire book. The time required to read a block is usually 1/4 of a second. It helps to gather information better.
  2. Increase: In this case, an individual needs to increase the amount of words while reading. By adopting this method one can easily learn how to speed reading. Here you can expand the wording in all matters by limiting the contents a little away from the eyes. It helps to read many words in a block shortly.
  3. Hopping time: During reading, the eyes usually return to the previous sentence. To prevent this, a student can run a pencil, indicator or finger below the sentence. With this technique, eyes have a tendency to type or control the hint, which makes it easy to read. Speed ​​read in this method can be obtained by moving your fingers faster under the sentences.

Importance of Speed:

While speed reading, you can go through the index page to get a fair idea of ​​the content in the book. This helps the reader to know what they want from the book. Few first chapters can be ignored, avoiding rebooting to gain momentum. It is important for students, educators, scholars and scientists as it facilitates reading and collecting data in a faster and efficient way.

You may be able to understand the speed of reading the translation by looking at the example. If a student goes out to buy some research related research projects, the details of all the books available in the bookstore can not be found. A simple overview is enough when selecting the books. The ideal reader can read about 10 to 12 words per second, but the usual reading rate is usually 4 to 5 words per second. But with strong resolution and low exercise, this achievement can easily be achieved.


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