How to make self-assessment for personal growth

We have heard so many rocks about getting to know us first before we can make our own way in this world. We may even become adults and listen to those words of wisdom that have been through the ages. Yet, all these clichés hold more than truth, because personal growth comes from us.

It will not come when we wait for others to take the lead. It will not come when we wait for the right time to come. It will not come when we do not want it to happen. Indeed, when you want personal growth, you must examine yourself and evaluate where you were in the past, where you are now and where you will be in the future.

Be Honest

Often you will be tempted to declare your weaknesses and override your strength to try to put you in better light. However, you will be motivated to track your debts and profane your assets because you feel inferior to most people. However, you are not being honest with yourself and though you are deceiving no one but yourself. And how sad is it in self-assessment?

When you self-assess your personal growth, you must be very honest, even cruel, about your strengths and weaknesses. You must be able to face the man in the mirror and say, "Yes, I am, no doubt." Then find a convenient place to write a pen and paper. Relax by taking the deep belly breath, clearing your mind on your problems and contemplating the existing task. When you think you're ready, you can now start the self-assessment.

First, you must list 25 meaningful one word words related to your current personality. You do not have to be very well at this point as long as the chosen adjectives just fit. You can also categorize them in "good" and "bad" columns as long as you are very honest about your personal features.

Secondly, you will also record your likes and dislikes as well as motivations that stimulate these personal attributes to emerge. Often, there are gray areas in your list, but try to sort them in similar and dislike, sometimes with clues and explanations that make them so.

Third, you must identify what makes you happy and sad. This list will identify the passion and grief of life which will then create the foundation for building your joy and learning from your sorrows in life.

These exercises in making simple but detailed lists of your likes and inflections, strengths and weaknesses, joy and sorrow will provide more objective, better and more active self-assessment. You will discover a lot about yourself, that you did not even realize when you do it. From there you can develop the effective skills that will be used to enhance your personal and professional life. And now that you have your artwork and explanations, it's time to go for speculation and action.

Be Careful

Often we live in such a harried life that we do not miss looking at ourselves and contemplating who we are as an individual. Well, with the above list you are in a better position to do that! Make sure you take enough time to think about who you are as a person.

When you think about your inner self, you must not be too difficult or too easy on yourself. The goal of self-assessment for personal growth is to examine your thinking and to see you exactly what you are for yourself, family and friends, professional collections and even strangers. The rationale behind personal consideration is to evaluate what part of each and what you need special features to better you. For example, you can decide to change your weaknesses in strengths or to conquer your strong dislikes for hills or to indulge in what makes you happy.

Be Proactive

However, the decision to take action far apart from taking action! You must respond to your decision during thought, otherwise it will be all practice. Actually, you're the change you're looking for so it's happening right now!

The conclusion is that self-assessment for personal growth can be a life-changing and life-changing exercise. It's definitely your deliberate choice.


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