How to grow as a person – show self-awareness

Science involves a special kind of self-control, order, obedience, punctuality, and cooperation. It leads us to do better in life and is definitely a symptom of progress. The importance of discipline in all areas of life, especially in joint work, is undisputed. You can not progress without discipline, whether it's an individual community or a nation.

Justice is not as it is generally believed by the younger generation, a threat to individual freedom. One can be free and at the same time discipline the essence. What is required is a delicate balance between individual freedom and common good. The investigator may impose some restrictions on individual freedom, but they are necessary for a common path that leads to rapid progress.

No nation can develop without discipline. This is evident from Japan's progress, almost completely during World War II, but has now emerged as one of the most prosperous countries in the world, mainly because it is difficult and disciplined by citizens. So our governors have a good discipline to make our country a well-developed country in the world.

The home is the first childhood school for a young child, as it gets its first lessons offended by the obedience of parents and elders. As he goes out of the nursery and enters the portals of the educational institution, discipline is important. Learning is a temporary preparation for the battle of life. A weak and disciplined team can prove better than a strong but badly organized team.

In society there is also a great need for discipline. If individual members are allowed to do what they want, the community will break up and progress globally and progress will be arrested. Lack of discipline, including young people, can lead to national security.

Science is based on building the right relationship with a child more than using the right technique. You want the navigation system that controls your child at age four to keep your behavior at age forty and you want this system to be integrated into the overall personality of a child that is part of him or her.

Nowhere, perhaps, discipline is more necessary than in the military. Here sometimes you can think of death and defeat. Difficulty risk, death itself can not prevent the soldier from performing his manager's instructions, even if they are unfair or wrong.

Science is a valuable asset. Life without discipline is like a ship without hiding. There is a rod to check the difficulty and break to control the man's strict manners. Its purpose is to see that freedom is not the result of a license.

You probably never thought of attachment tools, such as breastfeeding and baby, like being disciplined, but they are. Parental attachment is like your child's freedom from emotional illnesses later. Your child's knowledge will be like sixth understanding that allows you to expect and manage situations to keep your children from trouble.


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