How to find personal growth for men within the group

Personal growth is a unique and personal thing, but it is not impossible or difficult if you really want to achieve this growth or change. I spent years on my back so much negative energy that was used to avoid what I needed to do for my own growth and perfect survival. I've spent a lot of time looking inside and finding my answers, but I have, or should I say, always find something missing or just not there.

I made some inquiries and found a group of small men by a dozen people. I approached this with a little anxiety because I had no idea what it was about. You need to enter group mode like this with an open mind and even more important open heart. It is important that you turn off your outer shell by a protective male self. Put your ego macho on the door and just be open to yourself, your feelings, prove your feelings. It's not soft & # 39; to show you to be sensitive, in fact it is a sign of strength and growth. You will definitely find a completely new corner and at first it can be a little scary to share things and go deeper. We spend so much time displaying and protecting our protective outer shell as we feel it hurts when it gets through and so we are often shy from the things that get through our defense.

In group mode, it's harder to retreat as we share things about ourselves and begin to explore the reasons for how we respond to people or situations. We could then start getting real answers and doing real work on ourselves. That's how we respond to life and expect ourselves who often handle the image we add to others.

This is a false picture and people do not know the real man behind the self. Sharing and being open within a group and allowing others to help us explore us is a big step in the way of personal growth. Growth comes from knowledge and has true knowledge of ourselves that we have discovered by talking, sharing and accepting is a powerful signal that our personal growth has already begun. This energy we receive from our self-awareness gives light and is very attractive to other people and will define us as the people we really are instead of the image we often display in the world.


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