How much fear responds to self-esteem and personal growth

"What I fear most is fear," said De Montaigne.

This attitude is echoed by other great writers.

"Nothing is terrible unless you're afraid," said Francis Bacon.

"All I'm afraid is fear," said Duke of Wellington.

"Nothing is so much to fear as fear," said Henry David Thoreau

Fear is the ultimate limiting feeling. It throws down reason. It paralysis of action.

In rare cases, fear can cause fear to help us respond to ourselves or to someone else, but for the most part it destroys all initiative, growth and automatically correct actions.

Shakespeare said that "out of every basic passion is the fear most cursed."

The number one fear most people are talking to the public. But this fear has no survival at all. The worst thing that can happen is you're not ready and people reject your ideas or your way of delivering them.

Fearlessness is simply a threat to the feeling in the abdomen as a superior understanding that you could have about anything. If allowed to continue, an increase in adrenaline will cause the body to break down to the cell. We call it stress, but it's only the name we give to a body that is stiff of fear.

But when you look at the cause of fear, it's usually nothing but a very bad negative opinion.

Unfortunately, in the areas we have to grow we feel the most fear. Indeed, beyond your fear's fate, your next chance is yours.

The result of this fear is that we hold on to limiting reality – poor pay jobs that enable us to survive, relationships that cover our self-esteem to soften, educational opportunities that could increase our perception and greatly improve our lives.

The most ironic is that those who push themselves to cope with their fears – do not find anything there.
Someone, for example, afraid to talk, finds when he or she makes no one shocked, scary or unclean. Indeed, things seem to recover because of that.

Fear of fear can lead to all sorts of nervous disorders and obstacles. Extreme fear, which has no basis in fact, leads to persecution.

Everything about fear is that unless your life is driven, it makes it worse than it has to be.

Government attacks, raising nuclear weapons, expressing individual fears expanded a thousand times.

And the response to fear is so great that something is actually made to fear.

At individual level, fear is partly or wholly bad. It is an abuse of imagination to create a terrible situation. As Michael Pritchard once said, "Fear is this little dim, as negative are developed."

Understanding that fear is an incorrect assessment of reality is one step towards eliminating it. The final step is to do the things you fear, either at one time or with children's steps, and discover that the monster in the closet was only your own imagination running.


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