How 21Vianet is the leading way for cloud computing in China

The Chinese network service center 21Vianet is breaking a new platform in order to provide the best solutions and cloudy solutions and services that demand China's largest corporate companies.

Who is 21Vianet?

21Vianet, which operates in 44 cities in China, is China's largest mobile phone company with access to a data base. The company offers typical data services on the internet, such as hosting, online service delivery, network services and cloud cloud services. 21Vianet uses a comprehensive fiber optic system and uses its own field routing to deliver data in a reliable and efficient manner.

Like other major online service providers, 21Vianet provide increased cloud computing. In fact, 21Vianet's two recent partners are locating 21Vianet as a leader in cloud growth in China.

21Vianet Partners with major technology companies

Earlier this year, the company invested in Aipu Group, one of China's largest regional servers. As a result, 21Vianet now owns about half of the company and is its largest shareholder.

Investment Aidu Group was one of several strategic moves of 21Vianet made. 21Vianet has recently partnered with major technology companies, including Microsoft, Huawei, IBM and Aryaka:

  • Aryaka – This agreement included private Aryaka private distributors of POPs in 21Vianet infrastructure. With Aryaka's offer in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Xi, customers have 21Vianet access to selective core systems and fast service. According to Aryaka, "The Aryaka Fusion Program provides service providers with the ability to utilize their own assets – the rack in their databases and the bandwidth they deliver as networks." The partner is an international player at the moment without investment in recent quarters. "
  • Microsoft – 21Vianet extends its relationship with Microsoft by adding Microsoft WebDirect payments to the Azure cloud. WebDirect allows customers to order Microsoft Windows Azure products and services online and pay them with UnionPay and Alipay.
  • Huawei – Huawei promises to increase the cloud costs 21Vianet with tíufoldi. This deal provides 21Vianet business technology defined network (SDN) enabled network. Huawei and 21Vianet are working to develop a agile traffic engineering solution to maximize network traffic and allow for more flexible data communications. Its recent distribution Huawei is located eight of its data centers with plans to expand SDN distribution into more than 40 more data centers in China in the next phase.
  • IBM – 21Vianet and IBM announced the release of IBM Cloud Managed Services in China. This partnership will allow Chinese companies to access various IBM solutions and devices outside the hypervisor level.

21Vianet has been busy for the past six months and unified partnerships with major technology companies like Microsoft, IBM and Aryaka. Collaborative say this collaborative story, one of vision, leadership and growth in cloud computing in China.


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