God and the development of personal growth and personal change

When looking at personal growth and personal changes, you look at the place you are and the place you want to go. A question that takes place is that of God. Where do you fit in the kingdom of God? What aspect does God play in personal growth and personal change? What or who is God? How do you know God is real? Need to understand the Bible again and again? Are you a better person to believe in God? For how much personal growth and personal change can you rely on God to develop?

The answers to these queries can go a long way in helping personal interest rates and personal changes. What does God have for you? What are your expectations about your lifestyle?

If you look at every religion around the world you find that each of them has their own solutions to these questions and these people are essentially diverse. You will understand that faith is something you need to rely on to fill in the spots.

In the old testimony of the Christian Bible, faith is what Daniel used once when he was placed in the lion and came undamaged. It's such a magnificent story that we are either the unbeliever of the story or Daniel's relationship with God. If the story is real, what could potentially be a beneficial person who puts in lions who are recognized to eat people in comparison with what faith desires us to believe?

Is there any further optimization? I suspect so. Finally, I witnessed a parallel event. It had nothing to do with the use of a lion, but had to make a warp and stay on the roof. When it comes to bees, many people keep away from them or keep away from them. And a lot of us have been bitten by a bee at one time or another – something we really wanted to keep from. We admire bee keepers and have not noticed them in their protective clothing. And of course, we have noticed someone since no protective clothing is near bees. Certainly there are many folks who understand how to control bees – honeybees. But what about yesterday?

A member I played on Saturday to put Waterloov lathes was on the roof to remove a few lathes to repair. I was close to the ladder and noticed a 5-cm white-pipe beetle with about a dozen of wheat flying underneath the deck that he had to remove.

I had practiced almost haphazard before and saw that as long as I left them alone, they separated me, but this nest had to be removed to finish the repair. I quit the ladder to ask the homeowner if she had any dental syringe to kill them. She had nothing and when I returned to inform my new office that we had trouble, I noticed him holding the rubber cover card in hand with the barrel yet. He took the other hand by using a pry bar and narrowly kneeling knee nest to the ground.

I expected to see him run away with dozens of goats who followed him, but instead he remained rather motionless on the roof with dozens of artificial things that simply fluttered him in confusion. He left his job and finished his job without incident. If I had not noticed this first hand, I could have trouble believing what I had noticed.

Later, I asked him if he had ever been stabbed saying he had been working with gutters for fourteen years and never been stabbed. I was stabbed twice last year in my backyard. Was it his faith in God that prevents him from being stabbed? He is not even religious and has no feelings about God one way or the other. What could explain their talent with goats and Daniel's experience with the lions? Of course, my employee is not the only one who has been in an extremely damaging situation. There are boys who come to the bathtub with well-rounded wrong snakes. But a lot of these snakes have been bitten by a snake, like Daniel, who was not kidnapped by the lions and my boy who has not been stabbed.

What could explain their experience? I imagine that it is in the nature of God. You Do not Have to Belive in God, Truth God does not give the damnment if you believe in God or not. And God is very amazing. And guess what? It does not matter whether you believe in God or not. Personal growth and personal change can only be threatened if you are uncertain about your relationship with God.

So who is God? Rather than who, let's look at what God is. I'm talking about perfect God. This is the god of Christians, Islam, Buddhism, Hindu, Confucianism, Vodun, Scientology, Catholics, and other religions who believe in higher domination or God. To answer this, it is important to look at what we understand to be a fact. If God is almighty can he / she be stupid about information like numbers? Do not think so. We in no way think of God being a mathematician, are we? Can he be stupid in detail like chemistry? Or physics? Or biology? Or similar?

Simply, if everyone had the solutions to every detail we do not realize, it would be God. And perhaps because God is the law of mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology and probability.

And guess what? These laws apply to every living and unchanged object. God is each and every one. God is in a mosquito we hate and hummingbird that we die. The men are supported by being the most perfect manifestation of God. After all, we have a better understanding of math, physics, probability and biology compared with other animals on this planet. When and when we realize all these legal norms, we will realize how Daniel lived in the lion and why the new fellow who works for me could stand on the roof with dozens of punishments flying around him to name just two enigmas . We will also grasp detail such as Deja Vous, Edgar Cayce, Clarity, especially the ability to bend metal such as spoons spiritual, life after death and so forth.

There is no communication from any divinity or God informs you what to do with your life or what you expect. Expect what you choose to be. Personal development and personal change is what you make it to be. It's no good and it's not bad. There is nothing right and nothing wrong. There are certainly many methods of performing and looking at the same. The goal is to choose the chosen minimum psychological and physical costs while under the responsibility of God. Certainly you can murder, cheat and pat, but these options have big penalties and are not responsible for God in promoting well-being and health.

It is important to understand that God is in the tornado, earthquake, tsunami, bin Laden, Moammar Gadhafi, your monk or the pastor, your mother, our father, our president, politicians and so on. – Totally everyone and every one. Of course, we have our liking and dislike, and when the tornado tears down our residence, it is ours all to determine the way to get through it and hopefully make use of it for personal growth and personal change.

We all want to imagine that if we declare our faith in God, he could draw us. He does not care what happens to us. And he will be there at times. Of course this is all right. For as you declare your faithfulness in God, you declare your faithfulness to you-God. And you accidentally surprise what is happening to you and you want to be impossible to be creative in times of need. And you're not alone!

Your friends, families and several acquaintances (all Gods) also take care of what's happening.

In short, do not let your personal growth or personal change plan get bogged down hanging around from the subliminal message from God. As you are the manifestation of law chemistry, mathematics, probability and biology, you are God.


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