From Seed to Circumstance

You are the master gardener of your life … your master's gardener. You are a planter of the seeds. You choose what's in your mind, heart and intestines.

The seeds we plant in our minds, the heart and the intestines sprout and shape how we think and what we believe. Our thoughts shape and shape our practices, how we have and how we do it. Our practices, behaviors and actions, then shape and shape our circumstances. But everything starts with the seeds we choose to plant.

Look around and analyze what you see because your external environment, everything you see on the outside, is a direct picture of what's happening inside. It's a reflection of you.

We neglect our souls by planting the negative seeds that grow worry, impatience, anxiety, fear, lust, greed, jealousy, bitterness and hate. Fountains of these seeds come through many different types.

· Television

· Books

· Music

· People

· Gossip

· Facebook

· Twitter

· Textiles

· Smart Tech


· Alcohol

· Internet

· Advertising

· Etc

Think about the ad "What happens in Vegas, rents in Vegas."

· Planted Thought – Fun, Party, Joy and Joy

· Consequence of Behavior – Exposed Sex, Drunken, Gambling, Sinful Ways

· Leading Situation – Predictive Depression, Demolished Family, Financial Damage [19659002] We blow up with seeds like these and they are hard to escape. The focus on planting positive seeds will be even greater.

· Deep Spirit

· Nature

· Critical Thinking

· Creativity

· Creativity

19659002] · Developing Conversation

· Positive People

· Positive Books

· Positive music (Classical, uplifting, etc.)

· Classes

· Seminars

· CD & # 39; s

· Personal Growth

· Etc …

You are the master of gardening in your life. It's your choice what you're applying for your soul. The cause and effect are eternal laws, which always pass a time test. There have been songs from the beginning and there will always be songs from this side of the universe to the other side.

If we choose to plant a negative seed, then a rotten fruit will be produced, but if we choose to plant a positive seed, it will be rich in fruit. We will reap what we saw.

The conclusion is that our lives are a direct picture of what is happening inside us. The seeds we have organized over the years have moved deeply and shaped how we think, act and behave. We have literally programmed ourselves to produce situations where we live and it is our personal responsibility to feed our soul nutrition that she needs to flourish by choosing the seeds that produce wisdom, hope and love.


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