Five areas of personal growth

Imagine a company that had five departments: Sales, Marketing, Distribution, HR and Admin. Very typical set up for small and medium sized businesses. What do you think would happen if the CEO / president decided to increase sales would be the company's most important focus, then stressed the sales department, but virtually all other divisions appeared? I'm sure you agree that other departments would at best go to water and do not realize any progress. At worst, the department would break apart because of lack of attention and focus.

If this "focus" is true for business, would not it be true for your life too? Unless you are single, you have a few ways of life or "divisions". If you emphasize all your efforts in only one department, the others will suffer. Your list may vary, but I believe that each of us has five ways of life.

  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Finance / Career
  • Emotional Health
  • Spiritual
  • Many of us set goals in the field of finance and health, while others focus on improving their relationships or their emotional state of mind. But like the company that focuses on one area, your life focuses on all five areas.

    How to do this? Indeed, it is quite simple. It starts to become clear about what you want out of life. Setting goals or intentions provide clear clarity (and also a wonderful improvement for your emotional life.) But then the next and most important piece of play comes into play: We have to work on our goals every day every day.

    If you start daily by deciding what you will do to improve each area and close each day by reviewing your progress, you will improve every aspect of your life, daily. Imagine cumulative improvements in a year!

    Every day I visit my goals and write daily goals for success. Each life area has at least one goal that can be improved every day. In most days, I have a list of "action items" that, when done, pass me to achieve each goal. Even if I do not get any action, I still make progress. For example, for a typical day, I may have the following surgery for the health area;

  • Eat pure
  • Exercise for 30 minutes
  • Take a 20-minute walk to a dog
  • Walk with children after dinner
  • By performing any of these action documents, I know that I made improvements to my health. And as an increased time saving benefit, I often design action items that work in more than one life area at a time. In the example above, having my children after dinner improves both my health and my network. Often times I listened to adding audio books while I was working out, improving health and emotional living. The compositions are only limited to your imagination and your creativity.

    Each day, get clear about your goals of life and decide to improve each life area. Daily!


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