Finding courage to follow your heart

Choosing to follow our hearts and doing what we really want in life can be challenging. It should not be, but it is. It requires courage, commitment, inner strength and fearlessness and as a result, it is often not practiced. Rather than listening to that deep inner desire to do what we love, many of us substitute instead and deny these emotions. We would rather choose a life that fails to meet us simply because it provides security, predictability, security and approval of others.

Why do not we follow our hearts?

Our society today is driven by our minds, our fears and our attributes. We do not value and focus on passion, love, appropriateness, and spiritual purpose. Rather, it is about external success, money, security, stability and reputation. Therefore, many of us do not think it's important to really adjust our hearts and hear what they want. We are too busy trying to get ahead and do something of ourselves in this world.

You see, the heart is free and wild and is driven by love. The head is practical and analytical and is often driven by fear. Your head will tell you what needs to be done to be safe in the world – to get the money you want, the consent you desire and the predictability you think you need.

Head vs Heart

This is why when you try to start monitoring your heart, your head will be very quick to prevent your actions. This terrible mind, often called the self, will raise all the reasons why you can not do what you desire, and why is it a subtle idea to even think about it. It will trigger memories and feelings of the past with mistakes, pain and rejection that adds even greater power to being better just where you are.

The path your heart calls you can be unconventional. It can be terrible and involve taking risks. At your heart, often, we need to take a pathway from the path and rebel from the expectations of society or family to find our inner fulfillment. There can be a long and lonely way in the beginning. Often we must be prepared to honestly look at our lives and really appreciate what part of what we love and what things we do not.

Your aspiration may not have an initial income insurance or you may have to pay your salary. It may mean that you have to go against what your family wants for you, or what your friends expect from you. It could mean to face your fears and do something you love, but are still struggling with it at the same time. This may mean accepting what you received from doing what others would like you to do. It will have to be different, to do things differently. It means learning to listen to a deep inner voice, rather than the loud voices of the outer world

People who follow their hearts are often called hippies & # 39; or "free spirit" and # 39; and is considered unconventional and inconsistent. I'm used to being called & # 39; different & # 39; or even strange. & # 39; In fact, the truth, these people are none of it. They actually live as we were living. They are tapped into their truths, live and breathe it daily and do exactly what they should do with their lives.

The decision to follow your heart is a journey. If you have lived a non-hearted life, the decision to follow your heart will probably turn your world on it. It may be an awesome way, but in my opinion this is what life is about.

My journey in heartbreaking life

I'll never forget when this trip started for me. For many years I worked in jobs that did not satisfy me. I did not know who I was and I often felt sad and empty. I just quit the one job I hated when I was offered an Anthony Robbin course. They say when the student is ready, the teacher comes up … Well, my teacher came in the form of a giant man with great hands and booming. I'm not exactly sure what this was about this experience, but something this weekend changed me. I came back to my normal life, another person. This weekend I got an insight into what life really was and about, and what life could really be. It was the first time I realized that I could actually be, done or something. It was 4 years ago and when I look back on it, I can see it was a turning point in my life and an incentive for me to connect again with my heart and listen.

Since then I've been through many changes, and the trail has not been smooth. Without realizing that, on this weekend, I made a new commitment to myself-to find the purpose of my heart and live it no matter what. This unconscious decision-making kit began a chain of powerful events that will evolve in the coming years. It led me to put an end to what I realized was not right for me, I packed up my life and traveled around the world and I left the city I loved to return home to the farm so I could go on a few every year physical, emotional, mental and spiritual cleansing.

This process has been to ask all I know about myself to find the truth. It has not been easy for a few years and it took a lot of courage, as well as a lot of release. Those who have read my blog since the ideologist would know all about the challenges I experienced. This blog served as both my diary and my haircut through that time.

Are you watching your heart?

I come across people all the time who have these amazing, beautiful dreams and desires, but they suppress and ignore them and tell them they can never get them. For most people, it's much easier to live in denial than actually deal with what they want. They would rather pretend that they are happy with what they have and have died that their inner dreams are not so important to them.

Is it time to get honest with yourself? Is it time to dig deep inside and find out what you really want from this life? Is it time to stop pretending? Look in your heart and ask yourself what you'd love to do more than anything else in the world. If it does not sharpen your crap, then it's probably not. The dreams that come from your heart should scare you and they should challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and enter a new level.

You must begin by finding courage to find out what your heart wants. It may be a horrible process, as you can rarely show that what you want a heart is actually the perfect opposite of what you really are doing. You can experience confusion, self-esteem, and even regret when you start scoring everything you've known. If you're ready to connect to your heart and keep track of calling, you need to skip what you think you know.

Take a record of what you love in life. This may not need to reach the maximum picture or a path, but it's ok. Simply start connecting to your heart energy. Start getting curious. Turn in and ask yourself whether you live independently, actually according to your values. Does your love sing with passion, fulfillment and purpose every day?

If you watch your heart so hard, why did you?

Sometimes I look at people when they go to work or go about their daily lives. You can see it in your face, eyes and body depending on whether they follow their heart and do what they love. I'm always interested in watching older people, as you see if or not through the lives they've given up on their dreams. They walk around with dull, lifeless eyes, sad or angry expressions and their shoulders are lowered. They look like they simply live and do what they are doing because they have to. They have a commitment and # 39; write about all that. It is these people who have given up their dreams and became relieved of the fact that their hearts desires are nothing but imagination.

This is not what life is about, and this is not how we are meant to live. It's sad that we've forgotten this. We no longer believe that something is possible for us, but we only get what we can get. Our minds and our beliefs keep us bound by an empty dream, without love, passion and meaning.

I think it's time for each of us to wake up and relate to what we really want. And then we need to respond to it. We need to take risks and have the courage to move towards our goals without fear of 100% commitment. In order to do this, we need to be prepared to be different, do things differently, and challenge the expectations that others hold about us. When you begin to follow your heart, you must realize that all that is not in line with your heart will begin to fall away.

We have each unique gift, talent or service to come to this world. It may be small, it might be big, but the key to discovering what it is is to adjust to your heart and find out what you love. I think we are turning into our community and people are starting to wake up.

If nothing in this post sounds like you and you're happy in your life then it's all right. Or maybe you're already living a heartbreaking life, and if so then it's great. But if you read this something gets inside you, brings new dreams and creates feelings in your heart, you know it's time to listen. Life that accompanies you heart can be challenging, but the prize will get enough to make all it worth.


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