Challenges 101 – Your Personal Growth

Metaphysics is a philosophy, not religion as I mentioned in my previous analysis of science 101: What is metaphysics? The essence of the study of grammar is that it is the first cause rather than a building called goddess, the foregoing builds and the construction becomes "the face." Those of us who go about this spiritual path seek their own union by preparing the first cause, back to the spiritual center of all, the Creator Himself.

Metaphysicans seek creative spiritual essence rather than coded religious buildings. I personally look for intelligence behind the universe, the concept of the form, the creator, who expresses himself through his creation … that I'm part of. This is a personal trip, one that returns me and is hard to explain to others. This is a journey I'm prepared to commit my time, my effort, my very being. I personally do not need all this one at the summit of the mountain. My own way helps me with humanity. I may need to do this because the search is personal and I need time and personal space to keep me focused.

When I started 40 years ago, the journey was taken to be

· Long, slow and rebel to succeed

· A ton of personal application was required, earn your theme.

· As the years progressed, developing your spiritual life on Saturday night.

· We took one grade, read a book, shared once or twice and wanted a moment of gratification.

· We were justified that somehow we were special and did not have to do the job.

· We moved from study to study enough to be dangerous,

· We thought we were ready to be an expert or a teacher

· Developed abundance of unproven, unproven materials or practices,

Found exciting with these great characters who do good talks but can not know anything worth it.

You get the idea.

Before I create false ideas that there is a lack of quality out there, there are plenty of good teachers and creators, good stuff and good methods to get from point A to point B on your trip. As an unexpected student, you must use your understanding to determine who and what is right for you during your trip. Sometimes we fall into our belongings, which inspire our growth and our journey, to find teachers, groups, books or technologies that truly inspire us and help us develop. Sometimes we need to undo, restore, review, sort through, learn absorb or revise who, where and where we are. That we have to do it alone.

We sometimes meet a person, group, book, experience that seems to be clearly not ours or where we need to be. It will be a valuable lesson and was not a waste of time. Whenever you can decide where you does not belong then or will time be good and not waste. This experience was not an error . As we walked our way in life, we constantly crossed and got to make decisions. Often we fear the road or the road is not taken. Do not do it to yourself. All life is available to us for experience. Eternity is our time frame. Experience is our teacher. You are where you should be, learn the lessons you should learn. You are within the creation that is all. There is nowhere else to go, to do or to be. Be alert and alert and trust your own process.


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