Career Development and Lighthouse Keepers

Another layer of thermodynamics states (paraphrased) "closed system winds down over time if no energy gets into it."

"Okay, you think," but what does it do with either job development or awareness? "

The traditional vitamin guard lived in a" closed system "for the days of the broadcast, the television and the internet. His job insisted that he lived on the island on the shore and kept the light bright and shining at night for ships at sea. interacting with other people and even though he has a large library, there were still limitations on his potential for emotional, intellectual, and social growth. In short, over time, he would "wound down" intellectually and emotionally without any external input of energy from other people to keep the (inner) system evolving.

Modern examples of this are people who get so busy in their world that they become almost closed systems. All they can talk about is the current event at work, the interior politics or personal life. It's small, if any thought is issued, where can these current ones apply burden led or what tomorrow may look like.

While it is certainly important to deal with daily work problems and social relations with colleagues and friends, obsession by focusing on this developmental disadvantage will contribute to your potential on a career basis. Without taking frequent and consistent measures to increase their knowledge of the world around them and develop new talents and interests with others we do not know, these individuals are in danger of limiting their personal development.

Someone who thinks about career development should ask themselves if he or she is often educated in the daily affairs of the industry to the extent that little is considered for their future or organization.

Specifically, I suggest they ask themselves this question: "When I'm considering the whole time I focus on these daily workstations and challenges, how much more active than I was before I became so engrossed in them? "

Why would this be a key factor for self-diagnosis?

If there is a limited number of hours assigned to your life, which would serve your aspirations better to continue your career?

  • Continue spending your most working time frustrating (and possibly demoralized) doing the same regular tasks daily and putting the same cooking over and over again

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  • Break out of this development process and take your future by using a fairly honest testimony of your abilities (and weaknesses) and develop your strength as much as possible and mitigate the potential impact of your weaknesses in your career. Yes, you'll still have the same fires as long as you're there, but at least you're working to make a way out of it.

Your development muscles are like your physical muscles: the more you use them, the more they will grow! You must take the initiative to create your own potential and get out of that island. Let them take care of themselves!


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