Awareness is the key to personal growth and self-awareness

If there is one thing you need to help you on this journey for self-discovery, it is a consciousness. Consciousness is the situation of being aware of something or sense of knowing (either by perception or by information) and is the key to making real and lasting changes.

Awareness that you will continue to do what you're doing to keep you stuck, prevent yourself from taking risks, let you hate changes and limit yourself to developing your full potential.

Think about time when you did not know anything. You did not know you did not know. Focus on being 2 years old, who do not know that they need to tie their shoes and let it look what they did not look at.

Then one day witnesses are fixed. They understood that they needed their shoes when they left outside and the way to keep them on is tie the laces. Now they are careful about the shoe but they do not know how to tie them. Then awareness is revealed again to let them know that if they really want to look like "adults," they had to learn how to tie them up, especially as they started school soon.

They knew nothing about what skates are concluding what they are and why they are important. They also knew how to go to school and they could not tie their pockets, keeping them in the category "love" and then they worked hard to learn until they got it!

Now you have to discover what you need to be aware of and you are already grown so you either have to wait for an event to happen that draws your attention to something that has to be changed or you can go in and ask yourself unconsciously consider what needs to be changed to make sure you are the best person you can be.

We all have the power to ask questions about yourself and expect answers (and if you did not, I just opened your awareness), so trust yourself and have paper and pen ready.

You can wait for sleep. "What do I need to know about myself that stops my self-esteem. The answers can come to you in the shower or while you're exercising so you need a pad / paper near you Always!

Sometimes when you exercise you will receive them at a certain time. I will get all my message first in the morning, when I open my eyes. If my unconscious mind has something to show me when I hear about it.

Without consciousnesses continue to live in denial and it will be impossible to truly discover your greatness because it will be hidden in fear, guilty, negative internal chat, worry and other limiting experiences that do not promote growth. Give your personal growth to open yourself to the insights that happen when you focus on awareness.


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