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Anyone who has been in contact with another person knows that they grow complex very quickly. Relationships in this area of ​​our lives are not mechanical. Since they are not mechanical, simple explanations do not fully interpret or explain what happens. When things go well in this regard, few people try to understand or improve what they are doing. When things go bad, people started looking for answers. Because they are hurting, they often want simple answers. By using a garage door opens, the operator requires the mash button. When the button is mashed, the electronics door opens. Such communication is purely mechanical and can be explained in the same way.

Relationships between people consist of mutual relations. When reciprocity is transferred into communication, mechanical explanations do not convey the interactions that occur. Although some interactions seem to occur mechanically, the variations are added that make communication increasingly complex. Let us go back to the garage door to illuminate. When the button is open, the mashed opens the door. Only this time the decision opens that it did not seem how much value is used in the mashing button, so it changes the sensitivity level of the button. The next time the operator mashes button, they might have to press with just the right pressure to make it open. The door opens, as previously stated, but the reciprocity of the first communication has changed the relationship between the two. On the surface the door still opens mechanically, but the way to open the door has changed.

Relationships between two individuals begin with two meetings. A meeting often recognizes the presence of another person. The confirmation is followed by exchanging greetings and often some kind of microscope. A small talk consists of dealing with neutral content. This is often sports, weather, current events or their immediate surroundings. In addition to oral communication, there are also unrealistic messages that occur in communication. Many skills required at the beginning of communication are learned during childhood for adolescence. While many have learned the basic skills of how to meet people and start conversations. Problems such as experience, self-esteem and self-determination interfere with utilizing those abilities by adding or interfering with basic knowledge.

Some learn how to start relationships, but have not learned or mastered the skills necessary to join the other person or take the relationship beyond the entrance or skill. Special skills are needed at different levels of communication. Each level of connection requires special skills related to it. The question arises of "what are the necessary skills of communication?".
The psychologist Erich Fromm understands this problem. He noted some of the qualities necessary for the relationship to develop. "There are no simple guidelines for relationships. Attending a relationship requires humility, courage, faith and discipline." It's often easy to meet people. Work is required to improve the quality of the relationships beyond the reference level. Despite the fact that movies make it look like relationships, gain skills for a healthy relationship with time and effort. The truth is that relationships need time and effort on both sides. The best picture of how relationships work is to dance. In the dance two partners work as a team. As part of this collaboration there are many interactions that go back and forth between those that include directions, attitudes, wishes, dance style, etc. The novice dancer thinks everything they need to know is the right dance stage and they can achieve good results in dance. When an inexperienced dancer breaks up, they look for simple answers like what steps they missed. In some cases, it may be a lost step. In many cases, it is more complicated than unsuccessful steps, or it led to losing the step. An inexperienced dancer is not ready for any other explanation and has no vocabulary to forgive the explanation. At that point all they understand is a lost step. As a dancer gets the experience and skills to dance, they can easily understand the sensitivity and communication behind the chaos and what's needed to make wonderful dance. When your relationship needs improvement, admit it requires work and seek help from those who have experience in the communication and sensitivity involved.


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