Agree to choose happiness

"This is the way I am. I've always been like that, and I can not change." I've heard this from many who think they do not have the power over their own happiness. They have been so long that they think they are just born like that. They think they do not have the ability to change. But this is simply not true. The ability to change how we think, do and feel is in all of us. We just need to become aware of our faith, find out if these attitudes are in our best interests, and if not, take action to recreate faith.

You agree with your reality
We are learning how we believe and have to be a good person or success or acceptable or affectionate. When we believe in an idea, we have actually agreed on it. At some point we have said yes to this idea. It will be our reality. But just because we say yes, that does not mean it's true or even healthy. Many of these ideas and values ​​are of value and should be considered, but we need to look at what we agree and figure out what's really true and what not. We must accept that we have a choice, and then they find the decisions that lead to happiness.

I use to accept the idea that I should take things that others think of me at heart so much that I would allow myself to be upset if they did not like me. I unconsciously agreed to say to myself: "I agree to be hurt by others by taking everything they say personally." I just did not know.

Your Problem, Not Yours
Then a wise friend said to me, "Donna, if they do not like you, it's their problem, not yours." It stuck at home. I became aware of what I was approving and decided to change it. I rarely take personally anymore. There is such freedom.

What do you think about yourself
Make a list of things you believe in yourself. Go down to the list and ask yourself, I agree, deep down in my heart that this statement is true? Is this statement allowed or disabled? If you answer is the latter, or if the statement makes you uncomfortable, you may be agreeing to something wrong.

If the statement is not in your interests, decide to disagree. Make a new contract. Change this statement to something that strengthens you. Definitely, now, no longer spend energy by accepting a lie. Create a new way to view yourself, which is positive, productive and creative.

You Have the Power
Realizing that you do not have the right to create your own reality, to choose what you agree on yourself and your purpose of living but you have the power to do it . Yes, even you! In addition, you have the responsibility to do it, to live the most exciting life you can, not just for your own pleasure, but for those around you. The more life you lead, the better the world will be.

Unless you choose this alternative and try to develop you to become the best "you" you can be, you will remain where you are. Nothing will change.

Happiness is a choice, not a chance. You just need to make sure you accept true statements about yourself and your world. It's up to you.


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