7 stages of personal growth and awareness

There seems to be seven levels of growth every person on earth commits. People at different levels will have and be interested in different ways.

  • Self-esteem
  • Transformation
  • Internal Cohesion
  • Different
  • Service
  • While a person will gradually pass through seven levels, they can access some or all of the levels every day.

    The first three are the hardest to get through, but once you have changed level 4, the rest of the trip is easier.

    lower levels (1 to 3) focus on our physiological need to survive; Our physical and emotional need for our safety and emotional need for self-esteem. These levels emphasize our personal self-esteem and fulfill their needs. This is an area of ​​dual reality and where humanity places the greatest emphasis and effort. Some will spend all their lives at these levels.

    Unfortunately, these points are very short-lived. By this I mean that nothing is always enough at these levels. When you get something you want, start immediately searching for the next item. These items were identified by Abraham Maslow as lacking & # 39; needs. This means that we do not have sustained satisfaction by meeting this need, but we will feel anxiety if it is not met.

    In these lower levels we are conditioned by other people's expectations and tend to align and be loyal to groups we know. If we live a life that solely focuses on us to meet the needs of these first three stages, we will lead a life that is independent and shallow.

    The focus on Fourth Stage is on a transformation – shift from self-interest to public health. This is where the ego learns to let go of his fear so that he can become one with the soul.

    Higher Level (Grades 5 to 7) Focus on our spiritual needs; The need to find meaning in our lives, the need to make a difference in the world and the need to be in service. These levels are about public health and fulfill the needs of the soul. Abraham Maslow referred to these topics as consciousness as "growth" needs. Achieving these needs does not make them go away; Instead, it brings a deep focus and commitment to meeting the need.

    You must study one level before continuing to the next. Even when we have learned how to become a self-employed person, we will still face fear that takes us back to a lower level of consciousness. There may be limiting beliefs or circumstances that keep us rooted in one of these lower levels.

    Let's look at each level in a row.

    Level 1 – Survival

    The first level of consciousness relates to basic crowns and focuses on meeting our physiological need for safety and security. We will learn this level by developing the practical skills needed to ensure our physical survival.

    Negative elements of being at this stage are:

    • This is the real fear. We fear not to have enough and not to be safe.
    • We can experience great reluctance. People at this stage would rather stand up with what they have, then stop losing anything by changing. Therefore, it is difficult for some people to move out. People at this level do not like the change. They think it's good for it to be as they always have.

    On the bright side, this is a great experience when you are safe and as you belong.

    Level 2 – Relationship

    When our physical needs are met, we move to secondary consciousness (associated with naflachakra) and strive to meet our social needs. We seek to satisfy our emotional need for love and belong. We seek love and respect from our family and friends. If this is not possible, we will look for it socially.

    The beginning of our own can be experienced at this stage and we are still very independent. We learn this point by developing human relationships that we need for us to be safe, to be loved, and to feel as we have. For example, if you find that you are not loved or you need to find one of your true psychologists to be happy, you will be unable to move from this point. It's easy to see in our literature and artistic works to see how many people have driven from this stage.

    Negative factors to be at this level are:

    • We are worried that we do not accept and feel like we do not fit in.
    • We could treat others and be both intolerant and impatient with them.

    On the bright side, this level gets a feeling of being loved, feeling about belonging and healthy relationships.

    Grade 3 – Self-esteem

    In the third level of consciousness (associated with solar plexus chakra), we must focus on satisfying our needs to feel good about ourselves. We do this by being proud of what we are and with positive self-esteem.

    We'll start delivering & # 39; from the group we just want to belong to. We begin to find ourselves; our abilities and our limits. We were aware of our limited knowledge and are pleased with this (at lower levels we were not aware that we did not know everything). We now understand that we have the power to change ourselves and our environment.

    Time begins to have fluidity for us and seess to increase and contract with our feelings. It seems to fly when we're happy and pulling when we're afraid.

    We will study this level by developing the emotional skills needed to respect and feel good about ourselves in all cases. We need to develop a positive sense of self value and pride.

    We will experience this level negatively when we think we are either certain or good.

    On the bright side, this brings consciousness:

    • Desire to succeed and succeed in professionalism.
    • The feeling of positive self worth.

    Score of the Performing Arts

    This is the stage where people play games as a way to get energy from others. The four main plays that people play are:

    1. The "poor me" acting drama : This person gets energy from others with sympathy about sensible vision and evil. If this is you, you are not guilty and often try to put it on someone else, you are a martyr or victim, and can play it out because of illness or other living conditions. If you have one of these people in your life, you should call it. [19659002] The Terrorist Attack : These people bully you, threaten your body position and remind you of your mistakes. They often do not even have to say anything. They can make you feel like you're dependent on them to live When you agree or rely on them, it's when they get their energy. The best way to deal with people who play this game is to stand under them.
    2. The author of a star uncle drama : This person uses a constant and sharp question to draw your energy. This is very subtle. You think they are interested in you, so you focus on your attention to answering your question (the way they get your energy). This person may even feel good, although you feel obliged to answer your questions. The best way to deal with these people is to be polite to avoid answering their questions or asking them again.
    3. The & # 39; removed & # 39; control drama : This person holds you in an arm and wants to appear magically. They will remove themselves from social conditions so that others consider themselves obliged to go and check them. "This is how they get their energy." The best way to deal with these people is to make them. "[19659008] In all these attention games, where attention is paid, where the energy goes. People who play plays are all striving to get attention and energy. People who are stuck in the lower levels will experience this continuous energy cycle every day . When a person moves out of the lower levels, the energy comes from shared consciousness and no longer needs to be searched by other people.

      Level 4 – Transformation

      Level four is a transition from the lower to the higher level. It's similar to pinching into partial sand shooting and can be very difficult for people to go through. For some people, experience tries to be just too much and they walk steadily from this level again n in previous stages. It takes consistent efforts to maintain this level long enough to go to level five.

      The fourth awareness is about transformation from self to service. We learn this level by learning to save our fears (consciousness and subconsciousness) from the last three stages. By doing this we begin to mix their needs with the needs of the soul. Most people at this stage will experience both forgiveness and confirmation.

      To go through this level requires commitment, perseverance and faith. Sometimes this can be a very uncomfortable level because you must ask all your faith and ask what else is for life. You may even find that you are not who you thought you were. The result of the new, your desire to be real and authentic. You think about what you're doing is making yourself happy … and if your answer is nothing, start the journey to find this happiness. Our focus is changing from getting to.

      People at this stage begin to live according to personal values ​​and beliefs. The process of reality has gone well and truly and unlike the lower levels, we embrace change.

      At this stage of transformation, some are tempted to throw everything in their lives; all their assets and relationships. The risk of doing this is allowing you to lean back to level one and start the process over and over again. It may be more productive to ask how you can change what you already have rather than throwing it all out.

      This is a very exciting stage and people can be born again & # 39; and wish to share all their new knowledge and excitement with others. You want other people to experience the dramatic changes you're experiencing.

      This level brings a rich state when you connect more with the world around you, especially nature and other people. You do not care about others and can focus on them (rather than just yourself).

      You get an insight into the larger image.

      Level 5 – Internal Context

      Once you have changed Level 4, you must enter Level 5 that deals with internal cohesion. From here it is much harder to skip back to a lower level.

      This is where the devil has ceased to exist. As you are above, so you are below.

      You gained the fifth level of consciousness by discovering your personal meaning for your existence and finding your purpose. This point is where we found the meaning and purpose of our existence. In later stages, we will make this meaning active through service to the world. At this point, however, we will begin to experience the motivation to return & # 39; You are getting forced to cause and work with others.

      You may even grow up on your career and feel unhappy if all you are doing is to survive. You are really looking for higher purposes and are already aware that you can create your own reality. You will now have a commitment, passion, excitement and interest to make things happen. You're too honest to deceive you anymore. You can happily work on bigger and longer term goals. You begin to fully understand the relationship between the arrows and the macro and your place in the universe.

      Level 6 – Making a Difference

      On the sixth conscious consciousness, you begin to activate the meaning and purpose of the existence you discovered at level five. You have a great need to contribute; and no amount of contribution is sufficient.

      You learn this point by activating your senses by making the difference in the world (often with others). It is important during the transition with this level to remember being grounded and not ignoring the needs of the lower levels.

      We could start winning energetic at this stage and will experience the world as one. People will take a lead and want to follow your light. You must have compassion on everything and everyone and can see where they are from and easier to solve them. You can love and accept everything … but you can still choose not to have it in your life.

      Level 7 – Service

      At the seventh level of consciousness, we begin to lead life services and take further steps to explain what we were doing in the sixth level of consciousness. You must have a long-term perspective and may even be happy as a vision covers this lifetime. Different is the purpose of life.

      Every action you take is a moral act; You no longer make things unless they are ethical. Now you have a lot of inner peace and it takes you to stroll. You are quiet in view of the uncertainty that once had been worrying about you.

      You have strong internal and external connections and know that God is inside you. You are programmed to help others and actively look for opportunities to help … but do it only if that's right. When you speak, it is wisely and in a way that man easily understands.


      The purpose of our life seems to be growing and going through seven levels of consciousness. In our transition, it will serve us if we hold positive strengths from each level as we move on. See each day as an opportunity to take another step towards your growth of consciousness.


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