7 Secrets of Personal Growth

This is your life! You are important! You think! Your life is important! When you fly to an airline, it is said what to do in the emerging countries. For example, if you are on a plane with a child or infant, it is said that if your life masks fall down then you first put the mask on the face. Why? Because if you first lose consciousness you can not help the child, but if you are aware you can put the mask on the baby and both can be saved. Simple priority!

Secrets: You and your life are important …

Ask yourself:

  1. Have you lived your life for all others completely under the guise of yours?
  2. Are you trying to please everyone without understanding & # 39; this is your life ?
  3. Do you understand that this is the life God has given you … THIS IS NOT A CLOTHING RESULT ?
  4. Are you forgiving Your self-sacrifice can often be as bad as if it is not worse than total self-sufficient ?
  5. Can you thank balance between action for others and doing things for you is necessary ? Please Realize this where personal growth will happen …

Secret Two: It must be balanced!

As a Person, We Know It's good to help others, it's part of our mental makeup. It gives us joy, it's strengthening to help others, and it's just a natural thing. Our human race loves this.

But please check & # 39; You also think! Make sure you are not so busy trying to please others that you feel the necessity of life.

Why? Because if you are completely neglecting the guise, responsibility or satisfaction of people … you are setting yourself up for many things like bad attitude, anger, potential illness and all kinds of other stressful, harmful things .

We must remember that we need to balance in order to be truly useful to others, we must live the life we ​​are created, we must learn to enjoy and build our own lives … life with We have been given. Then, truly, with an open heart, we have something to give to others.

Secret Three: You Can not Give What You Do not Have

Only from the ground of your own life experience or experienced understanding, you can truly give others. This is a simple principle … "You Can not Give What You Do not Have" … Simple But Accurate!

So how can you start living your own life, worthy of life towards your own dreams and goals?

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  • Secret Five: Build a Plan

    • Create or build a plan to achieve these life-goals goals.

    Secret six: Put it in writing

    • Write your decisions: Mental, Physical, Spiritual, Financial and Personal
    • Write out the plan to accomplish them

    Secret Seven: Take Action

    • What You Have Organized

    Now that you know what is important and has a clear plan, the next step for you is Do what you have organized ! You are now on your way to spiritual, physical, spiritual, financial and personal growth!


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