6 Principles of Personal Growth – How to Become Unstuck in Your Life

If you ask the average person what they want to change about themselves or their lifestyle, they can no doubt give you a long list of things that go to mind. But what happens next? What does people do with them a list of things they want to change or change? Do they continue to carry this list in the head, weigh them down, hold them in a ridge where nothing is happening or changing?

Self-assessment of our lives and who we are certainly necessary for personal growth and development, but the process does not stop there. Once we have identified the areas of our lives that need to be improved, we are not only very determined to seek change, but we must have a plan of how we will achieve those changes or achieve the goal.

I have created the DIVINE principles of personal growth. These factors reflect what I believe to be the essence of success in your life and will help you become unstuck in your life. Six principles of personal growth are derived from the word "divine", & # 39; which I have created in acronym.

Principle # 1: Determination – One of the ways to become unstuck in your life is to be determined to achieve what you want. If you're hungry to succeed, hungry for change, this decision will help your fuel encourage you to see the results you want. If you want something bad enough, you will not do anything to achieve that goal.

Principle # 2: Inspiration – Why Do You Want What You Want? What is motivating to look for the growth you want? If you're looking for someone to tell you, you might want to re-evaluate it to determine if it's really what you want. If that's not what you want, then you need to decide where your inspiration comes from and move in that direction for your real inspiration.

Principle # 3: Vision – You must have a vision. If you do not have a vision, how will you know what you are trying to accomplish in your life? Vision gives you an image or a drawing of what you are pursuing, intended destination. Vision keeps you focused and on a mission by giving you a sense of direction.

Principle # 4: Initiative – As much as we want things just to happen or fall from heaven, reality is that life does not work that way. No amount of determination, inspiration or vision is going to be effective in your life unless you take the initiative in your life. If it means asking for help, doing some research or whatever you need to do to continue, you will need to take action. Even if there is only one small step or action, it will start.

Principle # 5: Networks – Every success did not succeed on its own. They connected and related to other successful people and people who could assist them in their efforts. If you do not tell people what you are doing or what you are trying to accomplish in your life, you could not discover human resources for you. Net! Create a strategic party. Create a support system for yourself. Do not be afraid to ask for assistance.

Principle # 6: Change – This principle is by far the most important principle of personal growth. You must learn how to define yourself by verifying your value and importance by tearing yourself out of your negative and limiting beliefs. While it's certainly great to have someone else define you, there may be time when it's not happening. When it happens, rather than giving up or losing sight, you must be able to strengthen and confirm yourself.

Personal growth is a continuous journey of life, filled with endless self-discovery and experience. Never hesitate or be afraid to change what does not work in your life. If you set the basic principles of your life that will keep you in the right path of your life, you will not be stuck!


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