5 Steps to Personal Growth and Enlightenment

What is enlightenment? With the basics I have used, the courses I have studied, countless books I've read and the main authorities I've worked on about personal growth and mental development, etc. Enlightenment has been described as a state of "BEING". There are some books that describe it otherwise and it is the "BEING" definition that I will work with. Thus, I define enlightenment as: Enlightenment is "Knowledge of the Self-consciousness" when all doubts, fears, judgments and discrimination are removed for a moment and the world around you becomes a source of wonder.

Many enlightenment periods may be short and the focus is on "short". It takes wisdom and consciousness to be in constant enlightenment, but I believe we can all gain insight into it from time to time and we can develop our ability to experience those moments more often. The key is in "NOW" to acknowledge the moment. Have you experienced a moment of giving up? It's a beautiful experience and no words that you can use to describe this incredible feeling for others. One of the emotions is the joy and gratitude for being alive, for the people and the experiences you have experienced in your life and wisdom and intelligence to assess it. It is like waking from unconscious conditions to increased awareness and enlightenment.

Think about time when you wake up first in the morning, still sleepy, you wonder if one eye is closed. You're trying to focus as you find the light change in the bathroom to shine light on you. This is how many wonder day by day, asleep as a state finds its way in life looking for light. We look for light, we experience moments of merry gratitude and gratitude and that is what is happening at the moment, which causes us to return to a feeling of fear, depression and anxiety because we use this feeling so much and we want to experience It all the time. This causes many to look for something that will give them a similar feeling for those they just had, unaware that no outside person can come with this enlightened awareness because it comes from within us.

Many of my informed moments come while I'm sharing my family, just by watching my wife's, my 3 children's and our dogs. I appreciate and appreciate such beautiful creatures and how lucky I am to have them in my life. While I go for walks, I also experience an awareness of consciousness and deeply appreciate and appreciate natural beauty, such as the radiant colors of the trees, the amazing architecture of the anthill and the sweet sound of the birds singing there. To experience more of these moments of enlightenment, I increase my time with people or do things that encourage such feelings. It's just a few examples of my informed times and it changed my life forever, it's such a powerful experience as it may be. It may sound a little out there and you can not understand what I'm talking about, but when you have one of these experiences, you'll know exactly where I'm from. 5 Steps to Enlightenment and Personal Growth

1. Recognizing that enlightenment is purely personal experience, no one can tell you how to become informed as it is your own internal journey.

2. Learn to recognize the little moment when you will be informed as they are moments you are suddenly grown as a person and your mind connects you to the second level of consciousness.

3. Do not follow the enlightenment as it comes to you when you expect it at least. It could be something as simple as seeing the baby for the first time, feel compassionate with someone, read a book, kiss your partner. Do not chase it but learn to know it.

4. Write down the giving times in special books. You could only write in the book once a year but you will be glad you did.

5. Try to resist temptation to tell everyone from your informed experience, as no one will understand it and they will think you lose your mind, which will reduce your self-esteem. Tell the people closest to you and the people who really understand you and not your workforce or your drinking associates, trust me they'll think you're losing it.


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