10 Innovations Personal Trainer Marketing Strategies

I love the fitness industry and information marketing industry! Together they are unstoppable if you have the right technology.

This article is all about personal mentors on the market to help you get even more customers for your business. Whether you are in booths or personal training, these methods will work for you. These are tips that work!

It does not matter if you've just started with your personal training company or you've been doing it for years. Here's a look at some of the best personal trainer marketing tips that I love to help you bring in more customers. This is only 10 of my best personal marketing coach tips, but I have 30 more to share later!

Tip # 1 – Be fun and do what's comfortable and likely to people in general.

Tip # 2 – Train a lot of different people, all free, it will then lead you a lot of business. These are mostly men billboards and I have about 20-30 of them, as it works best when doing group training. I will explain more about this HERE

Tip # 3 – Regularly ask your customers for references and make sure you acknowledge what is referred to.

Tip # 4 – Delete time ads on Craigslist – like mad! Use multiple categories each day for your ads by using duplicate and direct response methods that are proven. Use keywords in your ads and make sure all the photos can click on your site.

Tip # 5 – Work to get your website at the top of search engines like Google for all the keywords you use. The more keywords you use, the better, as long as people use them to find the solutions you need to give them. Use many pages on your website that contain body keywords, title tags, and make sure that there are lots of text editor anchor that come from various sites to your website as well.

Tip # 6 – This is important: Get your website at the top of Google Local Business Listings. Also, get great reviews about that too.

Tip # 7 – Use Google AdWords and get your site top. Use only the exact match and phrase, and a lot of negative keywords, a variety of ad groups, and set the settings to 1-3 positions. You also need good points, so you only pay part of what competitors are paying, yet you get your ads over and score a lot more clicks than they do.

Tip # 8 – Get your audience with Facebook Ads. Make ads relevant and target audiences as deeply as you can.

Tip # 9 – Be great in consultation. This way you can accept customers and change as many as possible to your customers.

Tip # 10 – The reference number for the plastic card is MUST – buy a lot of gift cards that are good for $ 100 worth of training in the stage and give them customers. Tell them they will receive $ 100 next month if they get a friend to sign up using the 100 $ gift card. It's like gift for both customer and friend.

That's it now, but come back for the rest of your personal trainer marketing tips number 11-40.


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